The purpose of the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is to unite Midland businesses and professionals under one organization, directed by the leadership and guidance of an elected policymaking Board of Directors. These individuals will work towards a common goal to bring prosperity and pride to the members of the organization and to the community at large.


To promote the growth and prosperity of small businesses and the comunity.


  • Promote procurement opportunities for disadvantaged businesses.
  • Market Midland as a visitor destination.
  • Promote distressed area revitalization through beautification, affordable housing and business microlending.
  • Increase the quality of life by promoting higher education
  • and community and workplace diversity.
  • To serve as a focal point for information and awareness
  • pertaining to business and civic related issues, job leads, etc.
  • To promote and develop leadership within the membership
  • and recognize outstanding achievements in community and civic affairs.


  • MHCC Educational & Development Foundation (501-C-3)
  • Lamesa Road Realignment Project (East Side Task Force)
  • Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)
  • Founded Midland Community Development Corporation
  • Founded Midland Assoc. for Bilingual Education
  • HUD 202 Project – “Parker Place” Elderly Housing
  • Unity Park “In Memory of Oralia Corrales”
  • Reyes-Sanchez World War II Memorial Park
  • Established Midland Community Development Corporation


The Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was founded in October of 1984 by a group of local businesspersons and professionals who felt there was a need to form an organization that would cater to the Hispanic businesses in the community.

Our vision of uniting the Hispanic businesses and professionals under one umbrella - following the leadership and guidance of an elected policy-making Board of Directors, and working towards a common goal, will bring prosperity and pride not only to our members, but also to the community.

If you or your business would like to become a member of the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, download the Membership Application.



’84: State Hispanic Chamber of the Year
’85: State Hispanic Business Man of the Year
’86: State Hispanic Chamber of the Year
’86: State Hispanic Business Man of the Year
’88: Record Setting State Convention
’90: State Corporation of the Year
’91: State Hispanic Chamber of the Year
’92: State Member of the Year
’94: State Hispanic Chamber of the Year
’96: State Hispanic Business Man of the Year
’96: Regional Hispanic Business Man of the Year
’99: State Corporation of the Year
’01: Keep Midland Beautiful:
       Non-Profit Volunteer Achievement Award

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Business Counseling

From starting a business to expansion, the chamber office provides a less intimidating and approachable atmosphere for entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance and encouragement about their business. We prepare these entrepreneurs for their upcoming business challenges such as “do you have what it takes”, to “where to begin”, to “growing challenges”. We also discuss several small business issues such as hiring/retaining employees, cost of providing benefits, business taxes and other challenges of owning a business.

With our recent success in this program, we have seen a dramatic increase number of contacts that have utilized our services. We also avoid duplicating services by partnering with other community programs such as the Midland College BEDC program which provide business plan assistance, seminars, and other counseling

MHCC Incubator Program

The Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Business Development Center offers assistance and provides professional office space and onsite business consultations for early-stage businesses. The Incubator Program utilizes shared resources that lower a company’s overhead while increasing their capacity to succeed long-term. Nationwide, 87% of companies started in incubator programs have gone on to succeed and have remained in business. An average firm’s sales increased by more than 400% from the time they entered until the time they left the incubator program.

The Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a committed leader of broad-based economic development in the Midland/Odessa area. Our goal is to support the small business community by providing training, management and financial resources, expertise and support networks that enable small businesses to succeed and prosper.