The MHCC Board of Directors

The Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board is elected by our Members. Every year we hold an election for any and all available spots.  All directors are agreeing to serve 3 year term; Vice-Chairs 2 year term.


On October 2020 we have 9 available spots: Chair Elect, Vice Chair of Economic Development, Vice Chair of Education, Vice Chair of Finance, Vice Chair of Marketing, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Director.



The Board of Directors is the policy body of the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Its members represent a cross-section of the business and professional leadership in the community. It has always been considered an honor to serve on the Board. Genuine and unselfish interest in the Chamber and its objective is the first requirement for the Board members.


Other qualifications include:

  • Be a chamber member in good standing

  • A willingness to make time and an effort commitment necessary to give the proper attention to Chamber responsibilities. 

  • A top-level "policy" decision maker for his/her firm or sponsored by a top-level decision maker, with the ability to recommend to his/her firm's the commitment of human or financial resources to the work of the Chamber. 

  • A business and work experience that will assist in the exercise of sound judgment in considering problems of the Chamber as they relate to the overall program of community development. 

  • The ability to inspire others and to command the respect of associates in responding to worthwhile initiatives sponsored by the Chamber, and to motivate others to resolve community problems. 

  • The ability to work constructively and harmoniously with directors, members and staff of the Chamber in accordance with policies established by the Board of Directors. 

  • A demonstrated ability for leadership in community service. 


The proper performance of responsibility by directors and officers is vital to the sound and efficient operation of the Chamber.

Director Agreement


Dear Board Members:


I am sincerely looking forward to serving as your Board Chair next year. The purpose of this agreement is so that I may better understand your interest, and that you can understand what is being expected of you as a Director of this organization. This next year is going to be a critical year for our Chamber and we need a good strong board.


The Board of Directors is the policy making body of the Chamber of Commerce and as such we are the major work force for the Chamber of Commerce.


Our Board Members represent a broad cross-section of the business and professional leadership of the community. Each Director is very important to the Board, so an understanding is in order about each Board Members responsibility upon election. These include:

  • Attend every meeting of the Board of Directors (currently 11:30 to 1 PM the 3rd Tuesday of the month) 

  • Invest a minimum of 8 hours per month to support committees, chamber functions, and board meetings 

  • Actively support chamber fund raising efforts in general and specifically take a chair responsibility in Mex-Tex 

  • Volunteer to work on the Board's committees in areas where your own work and life experiences will best be used 

    • Economic Development / Legislative / Education / Marketing / Finance

  • Take an active role in discussing and developing all new policies and procedures for all chamber matters, including the chamber's annual operating budget and spending plans 

  • Take an active role in reviewing and evaluating the major programs designed to serve the membership and committees 

  • Prepare for each meeting by doing any homework necessary to be informed and to take an active role in meetings 

  • Make sure that your opinions and thoughts on all matters that come before the Board are presented in a way that represents the interests of the membership 

  • Avoid any conflict between your personal interests as a citizen and your interests as a member of the chamber and Board of Directors 

  • Directors serve a two-year commitment as positions become available.  The expectation is that when positions become available a director will serve in a leadership role. 

  • Perform such duties as may be requested from time to time by the Chair and/or Board of Directors. 

  • Vice Chair positions are a two-year commitment

Please review these items and let us know of your agreement to serve by signing below and returning this to the Chamber office.

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